ISTC Workshop 2022


View of Polytechnique Montréal View of Polytechnique Montréal View of Polytechnique Montréal

The workshop will be held at the Polytechnique Montréal, Montréal, from August 29 to August 30, 2022. Polytechnique is located on the campus of University of Montréal, which is easily accessible by public transportation. This page provides campus and building maps.

Getting There

Since most hotels in Montreal are located in the downtown area, you will probably need to use public transit or a taxi to reach Polytechnique.

Public Transit

By metro, get off at station Universite de Montreal (Blue line). Take a left as you exit the turnstyles, then keep right to go up the escalators. Take a left at the top of the escalators, then a right as you exit. Walk about 100 meters to reach the Lassonde building.

For other options, Google Maps and Apple Maps have public transit iteneraries for Montreal.

The same tickets are valid on buses and on the metro. A single ticket is sold for 3.50$, and two tickets for 6.50$.


A taxi can be faster than public transit, and also simpler. The fare from the downtown area should be 15-20$.


See Polytechnique’s official page dedicated to parking.

Smoking Policy

Provincial law prohibits smoking inside the university as well as in areas within 9 meters of doors, windows, and air intakes. This also applies to e-cigarettes.